Smart 130 Pad Printer

Product Description

Printing capacity:
Smart without cleaning:
wo.C. 2’100/hr
Smart with cleaning:
wo.C. 1’700/hr w.C. 1’200/hr
Printing force: max. 960N
Drive: pneumatic
Air consumption: 116 l/min
Compressed air supply: 5–6 bar (87 psi)
Control system: Microprocessor
Main voltage: 110–240V / 50–60Hz.
Weight: 60kg
Cliché size open system: max. 120 x 150mm
Cliché size closed system: max. 130 x 250mm
Cliché thickness: 0.5/10mm
Cups: 1×56,1×70,1×86,1x120mm
Number of colours: 1
Data sheet in PDF: Smart 130

The Smart line is an inexpensive pad printing machine for manual use. It is a manageable machine for large and small series in advertising printing.


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