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How to: Screen Printing Guide

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This How to Guide will take you, step by step, through proven techniques for coating CPS ULTRA COAT® photo stencil emulsions. How To Coat CPS Ultra Coat Emulsion Screen Printing 

Leading Pad Print Suppliers

Single and Multicolour Pad Printing Machines  used as standalone machines or integrated into a system.  The machines are very versatile and can be used for a variety of products from Pens to Helmets as well as small industrial parts like dials and buttons to consumer items like razors and mugs. Selective printing as well as Sequence printing is possible.

Heat Transfer Presses.

Large range Pneumatic Heat presses with single, slide or side movement. Double Plate machines have individual Temperature setting for each plate. Our Top model automatic 6 Station Galaxy Columbia offers 6 station – 2 head print option for faster printing.  Option for different plates for caps and bags are available for most models.


A Greener Option to prepare and clean your screens.  Emulsions and Screen Washes are specifically developed for different ink types and substrates.   Our Range is complemented by Stencil Remover, Screen Opener K2 and Degreaser Gel.  Many chemicals are supplied in Concentrates for easier Storage.

Screen Printing Machinery

From T-shirt to plastics from flat to all cylindrical items, we offer a full range of Flat Bed and Carousel printing equipment that is complemented by our wide dryer Range. Carousels are available in many combinations of colour / number of pallets.  For Round printing custom made tooling guarantees perfect results on bottles and mugs.

Screen Printing Inks for almost everything else

One and two Component inks for many substrates including Polypropylene Bags, Sails, Credit and Store cards, glass, wood, wide range of plastics as well as paper and card. Inks available Water based, Solvent based as well as UV option.  Ink range is complemented by a wide range of varnishes with many effects like build up, non slip as well as many variations of matt and pearl finishes.

Tunnel Dryers and Flash Dryers

Drying tunnels suitable for many ink solutions (Water / Solvent and UV) and some dryers include Eco Controls. Available in different combinations of lamps, length, width and height to suit every requirement.  Adjustment of heating elements available on ceramic dryers.  Flash Dryers available with IR Sensors and multiple Heat output with independent lamps as well as power output adjustment 20-100%. Supplied on Stands or suitable for integrating into carousels.


From Standard Squeegee to Fiberglass spined System Squeegee. Standard squeegee can be supplied with a profile or as Triflex or Biflex.  System Squeegees or Carbon S as well Rotary Squeegees are available in suitable length and slots to fit many special printing machines. Can be made in many combinations of height /rubber thickness and hardness to optimize print results.

Screen Printing Inks T-Shirts and textiles

A wide range of textile inks –  Plastisol – Discharge – Waterbased with a large compliment of special effects,  adhesives and Pigments. Mixing system for Pantone colours available in some ranges. Metallic’s, Reflective and Puff effect as well as Flock complete the range of Textile decoration . Excellent opacity on colours as well as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (class 1) for baby clothes certification for many products .

Heat Applied Transfers

The perfect solution for multicolour decoration on Plastic parts and some Rubber surfaces.  Printed on either Film carrier or paper carrier and supplied in rolls or single cut (paper). Used on every  day items from Toothbrushes to Soap dispensers, cups to  Life vests,  drawing boards and bins. Permanent adhesion through heat and pressure makes it not just scratch resistant but also stands up to many chemicals.  Specially tested inks used with high approval grading on Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (class 1) for baby clothes and EN 71 part 3.

ECO Cleaner

Eco Friendly and highly efficient Cleaning system for Pad Printers  and possibly very small screens based on nanotechnology, suitable for one and two component inks. Odourless cleaning with water based cleaning agents, that are reusable and only need topping up. It can be set up in any room. Different sizes available as well as inserts for different pot sizes for optimal cleaning

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