MH Flash s-type

Product Description

The MH FLASH S-TYPE is a machine designed to cure after each screen printing process (colour). The MH FLASH S-TYPE can be used with an automatic or manual textile printing machine. It can also be used with our without stand. The MH FLASH S-TYPE has special dimensions that will fit perfect in the automatic carrousel manufacteur by MHM S-TYPE MODEL.

  • Heat Source 9000W;
  • Ventilation fans to harmonize drying process;
  • Automatic or Manual set up available;
  • Temporisation from flash cure;
  • Possibility to adjust power output of the lamp between 20 to 100%;
  • Each lamp with independent ON/OFF switch;
  • Option to have start made by: Photocell; limit switch or by machine control;
  • Available to have the flash cure making machine comunication control with: S;ROQUE;MHM; Hebbecker; etc…
  • Preheating of lamps between cycles.
MHFLASH – S-TYPE Units MH S 9000
Flash curing area Cm 60X40
Height from working platform cm 68 to 115
External length Cm 62
External width Cm 51
External height Cm 96 to 143
Power install Kw 9000
Weight Kg 55
Voltage V 230 or 400