Texblack flash dryer 70cm x 46cm or 100cm

Product Description

The TEXBLACK is a machine designed to cure after each screen printing process (colour). The TEXBLACK can be used with any type from automatic carousel printing machine. The TEXBLACK can be equipped with several types of START signals such as: photocell, food pedal or machine control.

  • Equipped with high performance black panel heat source;
  • Black panel divided into 3 heating zones with individual ON/ OFF to achieve the highest energy saving ;
  • Possibility to adjust power output between 20% to 100%;
  • START order can be received from automatic machine and be machine controlled;
  • Pneumatic cylinders to raise and lower the black panel with automatic START from timer that controls┬ácuring cycle;
  • End signal of machine from time from curing can be communicated to machine;
  • Security timer to avoid over curing or damage the pallets;
  • Possibility to turn black panel 90 degrees to achieve the optimal curing result with low power consumption;
  • Can┬ábe equipped with photocell read movement of pallet or foot pedal to be used in manual machines.
TEXBLACK Units TB 0704 TB 0710
Flash curing area Cm 70×46 70×100
Flash curing time S 0 to 30 0 to 30
Height from working platform cm 85 a 120 85 a 120
Power Output W 4400 9591
Weight Kg 150 200
Voltage V 230 or 400 230 or 400