ecoCleaner 540

Product Description

The ecoCleaner – a revolutionary new cleaning system for pad printing equipment.

Nature leads the way…

The ecoCleaner uses the effects of surface and interface tensions for environmen- tally-friendly, highly efficient water-based cleaning.

We follow…

The ecoCleaner is a revolutionary new cleaning system for pad printing equip- ment. It does not use traditional thinners. Our cleaning medium is water-based and ecologically friendly; there are no dan- gerous fumes involved and, therefore, it does not require a separate cleaning room

Surface tension made visible

With the proper settings and loading, the parts are cleaned 100%, regardless if you are using one or two-component inks. The cleaning may take slightly longer for fully hardened two-compo- nent colors.

You can continue using the same cleaning medium over and over again. You only need to top up the medium, if there is some loss due to dispersion.

Recycling System

The ecoCleaner is a spray washing unit with a special recycling system for the cleaning agent. The ecoCleaner always uses the same cleaning agent; only drag loss needs to be replenished.

The flocculated color is collected in the adsorber and can be removed. The saturated adsorber feels like ash.

The operator does not come into contact with the ink after filling the basket!

The LED “Tower” signals when it is time to change the adsorber. It also indicates when the cleaner must be replenished, shows the clea- ning status and any machine malfunctions.

Settings can be changed and malfunctions cor- rected by Osmeco via remote internet access.

Inserting the dust-free adsorber is very simple. 1. Pull cassette out of machine.
2. Loosen side cover and remove.
3. Remove saturated adsorber.

4. Open new adsorber bag.
5. Fill cassette with new adsorber. 6. Return side cover
7. Insert cassette into cleaner

The saturated adsorber feels like ashes.

Whether the saturated adsorber is considered normal household or special waste depends on the inks used and the local regulations

Because of the low weight we recommend dis- carding the adsorber as special waste.