Texprint Manual Carousel

Product Description

The TEXPRINT is a textile printing manual carousel that can have 4 or 6 colors. The TEXPRINT has the capacity to install several special pallets such as : umbrellas; sleeves; jackets; caps; vacuum pallet and others. The TEXPRINT is the most simple, resistance carrousel from ACOSGRAF products line.

  • Available in 4 and 6 colors;
  • Pallets and colors and rotate in independent moves;
  • Possibility to print with different screen sizes;
  • Individual adjustment from screen length;
  • Super stable pallet arm;
  • Possibility to adjust pallet length direction;
  • Fast and easy assembly from screens and pallets;
  • Solid and précised back clamping;
  • Solid mechanics construction;
  • Available accessories to print: caps, umbrellas, jackets, transfers, sleeves, etc…
Colors quantity 4 6
Pallets quantity 4 6
Maximum screen size cm 51 x 75 51 x 75
Size from alumium pallet Cm 36 x 56 36 x 56
Diameter Cm 210 250
Height from working platform cm 90 90
Weight Kg 175 200