Product Description

With the RKS rotation squeegees type RS / RS WP RKS is able to deliver a highly flexible squeegee blade, which still remains stable enough to stay with in the necessary parameters such as print angle , parallel, pressure, and will not take on any form or memory in or after use.
The results in print speak for them selves: In direct comparison to the commonly used standard blade, the type RS / RS WP delivers a substantially higher print speed (up to 15% increase) is possible with no compromise to the printed end result.

An insoluble bond between the carrier and the elastic print edge allows with this blade, without a problem for a very much more extended time in print.

The RKS blade type RS can also be reground.

Through this you can greatly increase the life of the blade in comparison to the more commonly used steel blade with a PU print edge applied to it.

The print shows, that in co-operation with the RKS RS blade the life expectancy of the screen is increased.

Going over to the new squeegee blade allows you to be more productive more economical and your time when not in print is reduced.

RKS blade type RS can be made for all  of the most popular types of machine and is delivered ready to print.

RKS RS rotation blades enables a constant, reproducible, and standardised rotary screen – printing for all speeds and designs.

Extensive research and development work, in close co-operation with many machine makers has allowed us to complement the specific parameters in relation to the quality demands that the High-End Graphic and High End Industrial requirements for the narrow web screen printing units.

RKS uses for it’s the product RKS RS rotary blades only the very best glass fibre support and irremovable highly resistant (Vulkollan®) for this application.



Highly flexible, stabilized double component blade.
Print edge (VU) insolubly bonded to the carrier.
Defined plan parallel surface ground print side and edge.
Excellent surface characteristics of print edge.
RKS RS blades are delivered to you ready to print


Higher speed in print.
Excellent quality in flat and fine print.
Significantly longer in print.
Significantly longer service life
Outstanding material qualities.


Reduced maintenance
Cost savings through less need to change the blades.
Increased productivity.
RKS RS  Rotary blades stand for an optimised print quality and can be reground as required.


(for 10 pieces RKS RS Rotary blades with a height of 35mm, 1,5mm VU thickness, length 365mm, Shore hardness 75° and with a large radius)
10 x RKS RS 35/1,5/75 lg. 365mm GR


High ink deposits, brail etc.: (T) = 3 mm  / (A) = 55° Shore

Conventional print:               (T) = 2 mm / (A) = 65 ° Shore

Exact work, higher precision and fine lines: (T) = 1,5 mm / (A) = 80° Shore