LCN 131 Pad Printing Machine

Product Description

The LCN Line includes ideal pad printing machines to integrate into entire pad printing installations. Due to its compact construction they can be used in very tight spaces. With the help of a machine base they can also be used manually as stand-alones.

Printing capacity: wo.c. 2000/hr, w.c. 1200/hr
Printing force: max. 480N
Drive: pneumatic
Air consumption: 76 l/min
Compressed air supply: 5–6 bar (87 psi)
Control system: PLC Panasonic
Main voltage: 110–240V / 50–60Hz.
Weight: Machine: 32kg, Stand: 14kg
Cliché size open system:
Cliché size closed system: max. 130 x 230mm
Cliché thickness: 0.5/10mm
Cups: 1×56,1×70,1×86,1x120mm
Number of colours: 1
Data sheet in PDF: LCN 131