Flexo Printing

Product Description

We offer a highly resistant, fully light-proof UV-curing flexo system for printing plastics and outdoor applications. This range of special inks is rounded off by compatible UV protective coatings and UV primers.

Flexo printing, a high quality method, was developed in the 1960s on the basis of conventional letterpress printing. In keeping with traditional letterpress, the process uses relief plates to print.

Flexo printing is ideal for printing on elastic materials such as polyethylene foil, and other elastic plastics. Milestones in the relatively young history of flexo printing include the development of ceramic anilox rollers, photo polymer plates, anilox units, thin-plate technology, sleeve technology and, last but certainly not least, the innovative drive of forward-looking press designers and technicians.

Today’s flexo presses can print up to 12 colors simultaneously on a single central impression drum. These presses are designed with productivity in mind, allowing for quick job changes and reduced printing times; they have a small footprint and are highly efficient, allowing even the smallest print runs to be produced.

Printcolor supplies a full range of inks and varnishes for the entire flexo printing spectrum. We offer solvent-based and water-based inks, all formulated exactly to the specifications of individual flexo presses and the needs of the printer.



Product labels are used to identify products. They commonly provide handling or consumption instructions, information about the manufacturer, a best-before date and other details.

Labels play a key role in influencing the consumer’s decision to choose a certain product. The brand and the product have to stand out from the competition on the shelf and communicate to potential purchasers that they are making the right decision. Labels are important adverts and as such it is crucial that they adequately reflect the brand and its unique strengths.

Applicable Ink Series

Series 995 UV flexo printing ink for long-term outdoor applications on various types of plastics.

Container Printing

Printing hollow containers and tubes allows manufacturers to additionally enhance the impact of the product, thus providing a further purchase incentive.

Printcolor offers a wide choice of printing inks for container printing. These products comply with a range of different requirements and specifications for packaging materials.

Applicable Ink Series

 Series 933 UV flexo printing ink, low migration

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